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G’day. I’m Jarrod. Wanna deepen in embodying the nonviolent-power that is good news to the poor, oppressed our our planet? Me too.

Your liberation is bound up with mine. Let's work together.

“Jarrod McKenna is one of the most recognizable faces in a radical, grassroots Christian movement that believes when Jesus said, ‘Love your enemies,’ he probably meant, ‘Don’t kill them.'”

– Australian Financial Review

Like a Bible study to turn the world upside down.

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Activism is so much more than protest. But who doesn’t love alliteration?

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who is Jarrod?

Since I was 21, I’ve initiated communities of prayer and service where I’ve daily shared my home with those who would otherwise be homeless, drug addicted, returning from prison or seeking safety from war zones and persecution. Why? Well, Jesus. I love him so much it makes Evangelicals blush. As problematic as I am, his love is transforming me powerfully. My passion is to see the transfiguring fire of God’s love become our experience in prayer and our program for ecological and social healing.

Why We Can't Wait

I have spent my adult life dedicated to welcoming asylum seekers and refugees. I was arrested as part of #ExtinctionRebellion because by 2050 over 1 billion people face becoming climate refugees if we don’t act now. That, and because I believe Jesus is risen from the grave.

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Hey, other survivors, I see you. You are not alone.

People supporting survivors, I see you too. Thanks for standing with us when we can feel so alone.

On days when your deepest trauma is international news, what do you do?

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Easter reveals the violent shape of our society’s scapegoat mechanisms that crucify the vulnerable. That is why we willingly accepted that we would be arrested, not willing to leave without an answer to why 1,138 children were being indefinitely detained.

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