Inverse Podcast

Taking the Good Book back from the haters and causing Christ-like trouble.

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InVerse Podcast has repeatedly been no. 1 itunes Religion and Spirituality charts in Australia. It’s like a Bible study with surprising people to turn the world upside down. I host the InVerse Podcast with my partner-in-Christ-like-crime, Dr Drew Hart, a third generation Black Church preacher, author and peace award winning theologian.

The podcast is like a welcome mat to a community that gathers at multiple times in the week. We meet to practice contemplative prayer, to deepen in becoming [eco]prophets during our ecological crisis, to train in anti-racism praxis, to decolonising our discipleship and read the Bible in ways that liberate. Join that community for as little as $1 a month here: 

(And while hibernating at the moment for those who share my passion for contemplative prayer and nonviolent social change subscribe to The Perisson Podcast here: ) 

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